potato chips on low carb diet

potato chips on low carb diet

4. 8. Add Variety to Your BeveragesStaying hydrated and drinking enough water is always important, but it can get boring. Try infusing water with frozen berries, lemon, cucumber, or fresh mint leaves. Make your own refreshing flavored water (you know…like they do at those fancy spas!). Electrolyte and mineral powders often come in tasty flavors too. Start your day with a butter coffee or mix it up with a keto chai tea latte, a cool coconut lemon drink, or a low-carb chocolate milk, so you can feel like a kid again. When you’re in the mood for something alcoholic, sip on a strawberry lemonade mojito. 9. Welcome in the Herbs and SpicesYou don’t have to be a master chef to get creative with herbs and spices in your kitchen. Not only are herbs and spices healthy, but many provide medicinal benefits.

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Of course, not all carbs are equal, and natural, unprocessed carbs don’t have the same glycemic load on the body. Even so, healthier carbs like sweet potatoes and beans also impact your blood sugar, and eating too many of them could also leave you feeling a little tired. Food allergies have also been shown to promote post-meal tiredness, so it’s important to differentiate between food allergies and carb crashes [5]. Is Serotonin Making You Sleepy?Eating carbohydrates increases the serotonin hormone in your brain, which can trigger sleepiness. People often overeat carbohydrates to make themselves feel better and this feedback mechanism and increase of serotonin can become addictive and contribute to obesity. In fact, nicotine has the same effect and also boosts brain serotonin secretion, just like carbohydrates do [6]. Zinc is a powerhouse nutrient protective against disease and involved in hundreds of enzymatic reactions in your body. From balancing hormones to promoting wound healing and muscle repair, there are lots of reasons why you should pay attention to the amount of zinc in your keto diet. [1] Let’s look at the top keto food sources of zinc to optimize your healthy eating!What Is Zinc?Zinc is a natural trace mineral you obtain from your diet. Zinc is necessary for healthy cell division and fighting free radical damage. You have to eat enough zinc in your food to meet your nutritional requirements because your body doesn’t store this trace mineral.

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Therefore, we need to account for the natural decrease in food consumption of individuals who are on a ketogenic diet compared to those who are not, to properly calculate whether keto can be considered expensive. Studies Show Keto Naturally Reduces Calorie ConsumptionOne study done in 1974 put women on a restricted carbohydrate diet, but let them eat as much protein and fat as much as they wanted and found that the number of calories they ate decreased by 30%. This was confirmed in another study several years later in 2006 where subjects could eat ad libitum (as much as they wanted) but had to keep carbs under 10%. Naturally, these individuals lowered their calorie intake by 30. 5% which was about 720 calories per day. Study after study shows this practically and mechanistically in multiple different subject populations.
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