55 breakfast sampler

55 breakfast sampler

Incorporating Whey Protein into Your Keto DietCan you have whey protein while on keto? Definitely. This supplement isn’t just a quality source of protein, but it’s also very low in carbs and has science-backed benefits like muscle growth, fat loss, and decreased inflammation. Since whey is made from dairy, you might want to find an alternative protein supplement if you have a dairy allergy. Apart from that, whey protein is generally safe and is a great way to add extra protein to your keto diet. In order to be successful with a ketogenic diet, you must start with a proper foundation. However, many of us, including myself have made mistakes early on with keto that led to not getting the results that we wanted. Whether you are just starting out or plateaued on your keto journey, here are the top 3 mistakes most people make on keto that can prevent you from getting the results that you want:Too Much Fat (Especially in Liquids and Desserts)Sounds counterintuitive right? Everyone thinks that a keto diet is an extremely high fat diet. While it can be, the amount of fat that you should consume depends on your goals. When the ketogenic diet was first discovered in the 1920’s for treatment of epilepsy, the diet consisted of 80-90% of calories from fat. However, if you aren’t using a ketogenic diet for therapeutic purposes, you can and should eat a lower amount of fat (50-70%). It’s important to remember that fat is very calorically dense (9 calories per gram).

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Maybe you’ve never tried a certain food or only tried it once or twice in the past. If you haven’t been eating many nuts, expand your horizons and branch out from your usual walnuts and pistachios; try almonds, macadamias, and Brazil nuts instead. If you’re always snacking on pork rinds or some other keto ‘chips’, go for veggie sticks and fresh guacamole dip. Enjoy this spinach artichoke dip, or kick it up a notch with this irresistible bacon spinach dip. Try wild game or more exotic meats that aren’t typically on your dinner plate, like rabbit, duck, bison, elk, wild turkey, and yak. You can often find interesting, tastier, and more affordable cuts of meat and sausage at your local butcher shops, online, at farms, or at farmer’s markets. Ask your local butcher or farmer for tips on how to prepare the food. 2. Add New Convenient Keto SnacksWhile the bulk of your diet should be whole foods, it’s convenient and delicious to grab a ready-made keto snack sometimes. If your keto diet is lackluster, a new keto treat or snack like a chocolate chip nut bar could perk you up. It’s best to check the ingredients to make sure the product really is keto-friendly.

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It is ESSENTIAL to supplement with electrolytes early on in your keto journey to avoid the keto flu pitfall. Do your best to salt your foods if you can’t find yourself a good keto electrolyte. Bonus: Too Many Keto SnacksWhile keto snacks can be great for increasing compliance long term, early on they can be problematic. When your metabolism is primarily adapted to running on carbohydrates and glucose, you tend to have ups and downs in blood sugar, which leads to snacking. When in ketosis, your hunger and satiety hormones are positively affected which leaves you less likely to snack. However, often people will eat keto snacks that are calorically dense, or worse, not even keto, that can hinder their results. Unknowingly, they might consume 500 calories of a keto fat bomb or bar and get hungry 2 hours later. For the first 1-2 weeks, stick to “clean keto” by avoiding processed keto snacks and slowly incorporate the ones that are actually ketogenic. If you need help figuring out exactly how much fat, protein, and carbohydrates you should be consuming, check out our easy-to-use Keto Calculator. There’s always a buzz about one keto supplement or another and how it can boost fat burning and weight loss and increase your energy. It can get a little confusing, and you might be wondering which supplements you should take if any.
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