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Its use is supported by multiple studies and it is generally safe and well-tolerated, easy to find, and affordable. [4]Can You Have Creatine On Keto?Creatine itself has no carbohydrates, making it a keto-friendly supplement. It comes in a pill or powder form. You’ll also find protein bars and performance shakes with creatine in them. Creatine powders are more rapidly absorbed by your body, although keep in mind that some powders have added carbs and sugar. So, when choosing the best creatine for keto—regardless of the form—always check the nutrition facts label and ingredients list. Adding creatine powder to a smoothieIf you’re already taking electrolytes as one of your current keto supplements, studies show that electrolytes may aid in the absorption and utilization of creatine, thereby boosting your performance. For example, a double-blind randomized controlled study on 23 male recreational cyclists found that supplementing with creatine and electrolytes for 6 weeks increased peak and mean power output during repeated short duration sprint cycling performance. [5]The Benefits of Creatine on KetoCreatine helps your body in the following ways: Lean body massResearch shows that supplementing with creatine during training can enhance lean body mass. Healthy but sedentary female volunteers who did resistance training and took creatine experienced greater increases in their lean mass and strength in the muscle groups that were trained compared to the group that did resistance training alone. [6]High-intensity exercise performanceTraining at high intensities can be challenging for some people who follow the keto diet.

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Too Little ProteinProtein is the most important nutrient for health and anti-aging. Often touted as the “muscle building” nutrient, protein also helps us stay full and lose fat. While you don’t need to eat as much protein as a bodybuilder, you need to be eating enough and it’s encouraged to err on the side of more than less. The typical rule of thumb is a minimum of 1. 5-2g/kg of bodyweight. To calculate your weight in kilograms, divide your weight in pounds by 2. 2. For example, someone who is 180 pounds is about 81 kilograms. That individual, especially if exercising, should be consuming about 122–162 grams of protein per day. The challenge is that often we intermittent fast on keto and getting 160 grams of protein in 1 or 2 meals sounds challenging–it is. Therefore, I don’t recommend doing one meal a day (OMAD) every single day of the week.

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In the research, patients with coronary heart disease and chronic heart failure seem to improve with L-carnitine [12] [13]. Exercise Performance and Muscle RecoveryL-carnitine L-tartrate might reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery after exercise, and it’s commonly used in sports supplements because of its rapid absorption rate. It could also increase oxygen supply to your muscles along with blood flow and nitric oxide production[14] [15]. Weight LossSince L-carnitine moves fatty acids into your cells to be used for energy, it makes sense that it appears to work as a weight-loss supplement. L-carnitine is believed to improve your body’s ability to burn fat and lose weight. However, when it comes to weight loss, studies are mixed, with some showing success and others showing no difference [16] [17] [18]. Blood Sugar Issues and Type 2 DiabetesL-carnitine could improve symptoms and risk factors of type 2 diabetes and reduce blood sugar levels [19] [20]. Should You Take L-Carnitine on Keto?It’s up to you if you’d like to supplement with L-carnitine on keto. Especially if you have a health condition, questions, or concerns, or if you’re planning on supplementing for a longer period of time, it’s always best to talk to your doctor before making any diet or supplement changes. Overall, L-carnitine is considered a safe supplement with a recommended daily dose of up to 2 mg. L-carnitine is a popular supplement in the keto and athletic communities, though studies show that it may or may not be effective for some uses.
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