keto friendly veg

keto friendly veg

To keep it simple, you could even switch out your typical carb-loaded cereal for a bowl of nuts and berries with your choice of milk. Try this keto cereal made with almonds, cashews, coconut, and pork rinds! Or you might like this healthy and filling keto porridge made with coconut, cinnamon, chia seeds, flaxseeds, and almond milk. Healthier Pizza SwapsWhether you’re a Hawaiian, a supreme, or an Italian-style pizza fan, you might be missing pizza on your ketogenic diet. Of course, traditional pizza isn’t on the keto menu, but there are plenty of delicious alternatives using coconut flour, keto fathead dough, or a cauliflower crust. Keep it low carb with these keto food swaps for traditional pizza:Crustless keto pizza crackersFathead pizza New York style3-ingredient pizza bitesKeto pizza rollsKeto cauliflower pizzaKeto deep dish pizzaKeto quesadillasKeto mini pizza on cloud breadFathead dough pizzaPortobello mushroom pizzaKeto-Friendly RiceRice isn’t usually on the keto dinner table unless it’s cauliflower rice, broccoli, or konjac rice. However, with a blender and some cauliflower and the right recipe, you’d be surprised what you can conjure up. Konjac rice is a low-carb fiber-rich option that you can cook with your favorite seasonings. Enjoy this chicken broccoli casserole with cheesy rice or this butternut squash risotto with cauliflower rice. Low-Carb FriesGreen beans as a keto fry alternativeFries are starchy, carby, and a preferred side dish on the standard American diet. Traditional fries, or even sweet potato fries, aren’t keto-compliant, but you can swap those out for other versions like rutabaga or jicama fries. With a little creativity and the right recipe and seasonings, you’d be surprised by how tasty keto fries can be, and they won’t kick you out of ketosis or spike your blood sugar! Even green beans or sliced okra make an irresistible salty replacement that won’t have all the carbs or any unhealthy additives.

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Zinc is necessary for healthy cell division and fighting free radical damage. You have to eat enough zinc in your food to meet your nutritional requirements because your body doesn’t store this trace mineral. You risk running into a zinc deficiency without enough zinc in your diet, or if you have digestive issues and trouble absorbing zinc. [2] [3]Young children, the elderly, and pregnant or breastfeeding women have an increased risk of zinc deficiency. Symptoms of zinc deficiency include:Loss of taste and smellEnlarged spleenIncreased inflammationDry skinSlow wound healingChronic diarrheaFertility issuesWhat Are the Benefits of Zinc?Zinc is a powerful antioxidant in your body that’s protective against infection and disease. Zinc maintains your immune system and aids tissue repair.

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The researchers speculate this is due to carb-rich foods triggering stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline and causing blood sugar imbalances that inhibit sleep [3]. In another example, an interesting study showed that a shift in blood sugar levels due to a high-carb diet makes it more difficult to get a full night of uninterrupted sleep [4]. Of course, not all carbs are equal, and natural, unprocessed carbs don’t have the same glycemic load on the body. Even so, healthier carbs like sweet potatoes and beans also impact your blood sugar, and eating too many of them could also leave you feeling a little tired. Food allergies have also been shown to promote post-meal tiredness, so it’s important to differentiate between food allergies and carb crashes [5]. Is Serotonin Making You Sleepy?Eating carbohydrates increases the serotonin hormone in your brain, which can trigger sleepiness. People often overeat carbohydrates to make themselves feel better and this feedback mechanism and increase of serotonin can become addictive and contribute to obesity. In fact, nicotine has the same effect and also boosts brain serotonin secretion, just like carbohydrates do [6]. Zinc is a powerhouse nutrient protective against disease and involved in hundreds of enzymatic reactions in your body. From balancing hormones to promoting wound healing and muscle repair, there are lots of reasons why you should pay attention to the amount of zinc in your keto diet. [1] Let’s look at the top keto food sources of zinc to optimize your healthy eating!What Is Zinc?Zinc is a natural trace mineral you obtain from your diet.
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