keto pets

keto pets

You can often find interesting, tastier, and more affordable cuts of meat and sausage at your local butcher shops, online, at farms, or at farmer’s markets. Ask your local butcher or farmer for tips on how to prepare the food. 2. Add New Convenient Keto SnacksWhile the bulk of your diet should be whole foods, it’s convenient and delicious to grab a ready-made keto snack sometimes. If your keto diet is lackluster, a new keto treat or snack like a chocolate chip nut bar could perk you up. It’s best to check the ingredients to make sure the product really is keto-friendly. You could also make your own keto fat bombs ready to crush cravings. Anyone for some pumpkin keto fat bombs or dark chocolate almond bombs?Keto diet fat bomb3. Push Your Food BoundariesIf you’re always having eggs and bacon in the morning or just skipping breakfast, try something different and have a keto smoothie or cereal. Brighten up your morning with a nutritious blueberry smoothie, lower inflammation with a turmeric smoothie, or get chocolatey with a chocolate avocado collagen smoothie! If dinner is always a beef dish or roasted chicken, go for more seafood like this restaurant-worthy keto poke bowl or this refreshing baked lemon sole dish. Adding variety to your breakfast, lunch, or dinner doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.

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Check out the menu online in advance so you know what to expect and what to order when you get there. Many meals come with starchy high-carb sides like fries or white rice, but you can ask your server for modifications like a side of vegetables instead, so you stay keto. You might want to ask if any special sauces contain sugar. Be mindful that some marinades and sides like coleslaw can also contain added sugar, so a quick inquiry with your server could help you decide if you want to eat that side. If your server doesn’t know, they can always check with the chef. Creatine is one of the best-studied supplements on the market. It’s useful for anyone who needs a boost in their performance at the gym. More specifically, it can help improve your strength, muscle mass, power for high-intensity workouts, and recovery. [1]But can you take creatine on keto? This article provides information about creatine as a sports supplement: what it is, whether you can have creatine while on keto, reasons to use it, and dosage and timing tips. What Is Creatine?While athletes and fitness enthusiasts use creatine to assist in their training, our liver, kidneys, and pancreas naturally produce creatine—about 1 gram per day—and it is stored in our skeletal muscles. Additionally, individuals whose diets are comprised predominantly of meat have more creatine stores than vegetarians, since creatine is found in red meat and seafood.

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Lastly, do your best to optimize protein intake on a per meal basis. At minimum this should be 25-35 grams of high-quality protein per meal. Not Enough ElectrolytesEarly on, many people experience something known as the keto flu which is a symptom of keto-adaptation or your body switching from primarily running on glucose to primarily running on ketones. During this process, insulin is low and your body begins to excrete out electrolytes in the urine. Many beginners don’t understand how many electrolytes are excreted out and succumb to headaches and lethargy due to a lack of replenishment in those electrolytes. It is ESSENTIAL to supplement with electrolytes early on in your keto journey to avoid the keto flu pitfall. Do your best to salt your foods if you can’t find yourself a good keto electrolyte. Bonus: Too Many Keto SnacksWhile keto snacks can be great for increasing compliance long term, early on they can be problematic. When your metabolism is primarily adapted to running on carbohydrates and glucose, you tend to have ups and downs in blood sugar, which leads to snacking. When in ketosis, your hunger and satiety hormones are positively affected which leaves you less likely to snack. However, often people will eat keto snacks that are calorically dense, or worse, not even keto, that can hinder their results.
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